Friday, November 28, 2008

Jai'ne Jewelry Is For Sale Online At Etsy...

I've finally put my jewelry line online. These are only a few examples of many items I have on site at If you'd like to see more, click on the link below to take you directly to my shop, jainesplace, on Let me know what you think or better yet spend some money! A big thanks to my daughter, Sandy, for assisting me in getting it up and started.

You'll can also view my slideshow of some of these and more items on Flickr

Sunday, November 16, 2008

Where Has Time Gone?

What a whirlwind this year has been. I can't believe it's about to end and a new one begin! Chuck and I attended a couple of stamp and postcard shows and started selling on Ebay. Chuck is selling movies and stamps under Irishjew40. I've started a line of jewelry called Jai'ne and have set up sales on called Jainesplace.

We started a new ballroom dance, it was fun while it lasted, but found it too much to keep up. We may try again one day, but would want to find our own facility.

We're much closer on finishing the house remodel. The new bathroom, closet and craft room are nearly done, but still have the bedroom and laundry room to finish. At times I want to throw up my hands, but realize it will be nice once it's done.

Chuck's business is growing so far despite the economy. Of course, with the mess the government aka Bush has gotten us into, we expect to lose some clients if things continue down the same road. I have high hopes for our new president. I believe him to be sincere, knowledgable and ready to prove himself. It was unbelieveable to me how some people so fully took to heart the campaign propaganda put out there. I've always felt candidates that resort to running down their opponents didn't have much of an agenda to run on in the first place. I commend Obama for keeping to his message and breathing new life into my faith that there are people who mean what they say. It's going to be an interesting next 4 years. I'm not fooled into believing he will get it all done in one term, but I believe he's going to make some major inroads into cleaning up the Bush mess.

Here come the holidays! I haven't given them much thought yet, but expect the mood to hit soon. So happy Thanksgiving and Merry Christmas! Remember to keep God front and center in your life during the difficult times ahead. Chuck and I wish you love and good times.


Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Post Card Show in Kansas City MO

Memorial Day Weekend found Chuck and I in Kansas City for a postcard show. For those who don't know, I buy and sell vintage postcards (dating pre-1940) so if you have some to sell, please contact me. It's always a lot of fun to meet up with past dealers and introduce ourselves to new dealers while renewing or selling some of your stash. Inveritably, I end up buying more then I sell, but as Chuck says, "You have to buy in order to create an inventory". He did pretty well himself with some of his stamps. He buys and sells those too, so if you have a collection from Uncle Bill you don't know what to do with, he'd be happy to give you an appraisal and maybe purchase it from you. I found some nice St. Patrick Day and Dancing cards,my personal collections. What would you expect with a name like Maloney and ballroom dancing being our hobby? While in KC, friends took us on a tour of the new construction going on in downtown. I was very impressed with the whole area. Quaint shops and outdoor cafes,courtyard areas and the new Sprint Convention Center looked like a large stainless steel cereal bowl. I'm told American Idol will be doing some auditions there. I've not been doing a very good job of keeping up with my blog. It seems we move from one thing to another with very few breaths between and it doesn't leave a lot of time, but I guess that's life. You do what you can and let the rest fall where it may. I want to wish Happy Birthday to my dear, long time friend, Carol Crist, in Virginia. She turned a young 60 today! Here's to many more to come, girlie, and that novel we'll start one day!

Thursday, January 24, 2008

Hammonds, Clevengers, Woodhouses, Smiths..

It occurred to me after hearing from a distant family member that this is a good place to insert a call to all those long, lost relatives I've been tracking for over 30+ years. Our family tree has roots stretching over many miles, but most of the above settled in and around North Central Arkansas and Southwest Missouri. I'm particularly interested in the Dockett (Doc) Hammonds and George Grant Woodhouse lines, especially their parents. If you think you might be interested in attending our annual Smith-Hammonds Family Reunion, it's held the first Sunday in June in the Marionville, Missouri Park. This will be our 47th year. There's usually 100+ in attendance with a lot of good food and entertaiment. You all come!

I Just Liked This Picture...

It's a beautiful ice sculpture and someone was very talented. I'm assuming it relates to 9/11.

Tuesday, January 15, 2008

To Eat Or Not To Eat...That Is The Question

I have just come from the grocery store where I spent over $128! In that total was a package of hot dogs, bacon and lunch meat. There was no milk either. If you don't believe it's time for a change in politics, you better think again.

Going hand in hand with that statement, I was reading the newspaper this weekend and a savvy gentleman pointed out that the American public will be looking at $3.75 a gallon for gas by this summer because we have not taken seriously the need to start watching our consumption. When you see gas prices going up and down, the oil companies are "feeling" us up to see just how far they can rake us over the coals and still keep us out there burning it up. So I started setting my own limits on how much gas I would buy per week to get to work and take care of necessities. I plan my trips to make my driving as efficient as possible and eliminate running to the store two or three times a week to pick up a couple of items. Most of my family lives 20 miles out of town, so I will probably start making trips less often. I'm wondering if I can convince them to all to meet once a month in one location, so we can get all our visiting in at one time... ya think? ; )

In a discussion with a co-worker today, he said something that made real sense to me. Where most countries like England and Japan utilize mass transportation our country bought into the use of automobiles which are based on a limited commodity that we will never be able to produce ourselves. We will NEVER be able to produce enough alternative fuel to meet our needs! Now how near-sighted was that? Still wonder why we got into Iraq? We are inefficient and spoiled....

On the lighter side, I got an email today that had me laughing, but you have to give the Japanese and A for effort when it comes to reaching for new ideas.... check these out.

Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Movie: The Golden Compass...subliminal garbage

Truthfully, I've not seen this movie, but from what I've heard and read it's very troubling to me. The author is an admitted atheist which is his choice, his business. However, when he writes a trilogy of books with the soul purpose (no pun intended) to implant doubts among children there is a God and wants to see the idea abolished, he becomes a real symbol of evil to every religious person.

Check it out here:

It's important for those who haven't heard or think the books and movie are another Harry Potter series to know there's nothing similar between them. In fact, they are quite the opposites. I've read all the Harry Potter books and found nothing telling children they must kill a phony God, nor an ex-nun character who tells them God is a mistake! The Potter series talked of spirits and demons, but was based in good overcoming evil. This author makes no bones about his intent or reasons for writing his books! I also find no favor with Nicole Kidman for taking a part in it.

It never ceases to amaze me how people will lash out at religion when they can't deal with the existence of God because He doesn't fit in with their lifestyle. God tells us to love each other and have enough faith to believe He will be there for us. Why is that so threatening to some? I find it comforting to know there is someone larger then myself I can rely on. I've not always been a church member, but I've never doubted there is a God. He's gotten me through more then a few times.

I will watch the movie...though I'm not being a hippocrite. Yes, I know I'm adding to his pocketbook, but I want to know exactly what kind of nonsense the movie portrays. I don't intend to stand silent and I believe ill gains can be quickly taken away. Know your enemies, then pray for them. (Janieism #17)

God bless him, he's going to need it. Love and hugs...

Tuesday, January 8, 2008

God Bless America... We Need It!

In light of the Iowa and New Hampshire primaries, I must state my opinion. As a registered voter who exercises that priviledge religiously, I have that right. Besides this is my blog. I've said it more then once that campaigning should be banned. We hear the same rhetoric every time, at every election and people still fall for it. I propose a non-political, third party be established and put in charge of publishing every candidate's political records for public view. That's it! No opinioned news shows or ads allowed. No more people being lead to the polls for slaughter.

Some people, depending on their dedication to a particular party, would vote for a party's candidate even if told he'd traveled to Uranus! Which is no doubt done regularly. Those voters simply don't notice it until they try to sit down after the election! It amazes me how many people will cast a ballot because their grannie's cousin's mother was a Republican or Democrat since birth.... Oh, for the love of goat dip!

Was our last election not enough of this malarky! Bush stood up in front of America and pitched his moral and value campaign while Republican's licked the oil off his boots. We were scammed! Bush Jr. couldn't run a company let alone a country. He should never have been put in office the first time, let alone a second term!

We can't be lead down the garden path with empty words again. We are facing one of the most historical elections seen in this country for many years. As citizens, we must make a monumental decision. There is too much at stake to be blind-sighted. America has become a laughing stock. We no longer have the respect or trust we once commanded. This time around we can't afford another mistake! So before you cast your ballot in this election make sure you believe in that candidate as a person and not a party.....

Thursday, January 3, 2008

Car 54, Where are you...when we need you!

Two days into the New Year and already I have new material. Working in Risk Management, one of the things we get are complaint calls whenever someone notices one of our delivery people driving irresponsibly. I'd say 2 out of 3 are legitimate complaints, but the other one third would be comical if it wasn't indicative of the number of ignorant people driving cars! We get numerous calls saying "I'm behind one of your drivers and he's driving too slow!" When they're asked how fast he's going, it never fails for them to say, "He's only going 30 and the speed limit is 35!" Now I ask you....when did they change the speed limit signs to mean the speed minimum? I can't began to count the number of times I've bitten my tongue to not ask them to define the word, limit! Then there are those driving from an approach ramp onto an interstate highway and believe they have the right of way. They get very upset because another driver didn't move over for them. Granted, it's a courtesy to allow another driver to merge onto the highway when possible. There may even be some high traffic areas which route you in differently, but folks....come on! You're merging into oncoming traffic! You DO NOT have the right of way on most highways!

On the other hand when I'm out among the populace driving, I've noticed there is a major lack of courtesy among drivers. It's not unusual to meet car after car with their headlights on bright. It's so prominent anymore that it leads me to believe most drivers don't even know what it means when someone blinks their headlights at them. For that matter, many tailgaters have no clue when you tap your brakes at them. We get a lot of callers who'll say, "He keeps hitting his brakes like he wants me to run into him!" .... Lord, help us!!!

Tuesday, January 1, 2008

Highlights of 2007.....

This has been a full year. Some of it good, some of it better, but the best part is we're still here to talk about it! Chuck and I are very fortunate to have a multitude of family and friends who live close and we're able to spend time with. You know who you are, so I won't start naming names. I look back and I realize we've been pretty busy and much blessed. We're still working on our remodel, but we're finally getting to a little of the fun part...paint and tile. Chuck has enlarged his cleaning business with several new clients. We did a couple of postcard shows, hit a stamp auction, took a trip to Wisconsin by train and our church bought new land to build on. With God's help, it will materialize this year. Most everyone we know and love is in relatively good health, so we are thankful for all we've received. Therefore, I speak straight from my heart when I wish all of you a great 2008! I pray God blesses you with good health, good fun, much love and the ability to keep on dancing!!!

Love and hugs, Janie and Chuck